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Urban Classics / Hooded Structured Parka charcoal

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Already the Eskimos appreciated the advantages of parkas – that's why the original design probably was invented by them. This striking fashion piece has quite evolved evolutionarily, however, and feels and looks just great. Treat yourself to this trendy, urban parka that will please the body and all observing eyes and look forward to lots of features. For keeping your head warm you will find a casual cut, comfy hood. The zipper is coverable with the help pushbuttons. For providing the hands with fitting sanctuaries two side pockets have been added to the design. A small highlight, a band-adorned incision on the lower back, rounds off the parka. Wear it, start feeling good and cut a great figure!
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Materiál {"Wool":"44%","Polyester":"100%","Acrylic":"9%","Other":"4%"}
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