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Cayler & Sons / C&S WL Purple Swag Hoody black

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Hoodies from Cayler and Sons – authentic urban fashion wear Hoodies are in the same way part of the urban fashion like sweat pants and hip hop are. By now they are simply indispensable and have become essential parts of every style-conscious wardrobe. Equipped with generous hoods and comfy kangaroo pockets the cozy sweaters offer much more than just heavenly comfort. Cayler and Sons hoodies are known for their high-quality material, elaborate designs and for their love of pop culture. The employed motifs and innuendos from the music scene turn the hoodies into unusual fashion pieces – and with an extremely high recognition value. So, what you are waiting for? Start now the process of turning yourself into a brand!
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Materiál {"Cotton":"80%","Polyester":"20%"}
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info@streetjoy.cz | +421 948 509 122